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Instant Ice Bank Immersion Water Chiller

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Instant Ice Bank Immersion Water Chiller

Brand Name : Sehenstar

Model Number : SPI

Certification : Other

Place of Origin : China


Price : USD3000/PC

Payment Terms : T/T

Supply Ability : 100 PCS/Month

Delivery Time : 30 working days

Packaging Details : Plywood case

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Ice bank is basically the immersion chiller, namely a assembly of many pillow plates banked together and immersed in a container filled with liquid.

The Ice Bank system is a technology by storing cooling capacity at night and using it the next day to cool. At night the electricity cost is relatively lower, chillers cool water and store it normally as icy water or ice.

Moreover, lower temperatures at night allow refrigeration equipment to operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption. Less chiller capacity is required, which means lower initial capital equipment cost.

Using off-peak electricity to store cooling capacity reduces peak daytime power consumption,reducing additional expensive power charges.

How does an Ice Bank work?
An ice bank is a assembly of Pillow Plates that is hung in a container with water.

At night when the energy cost is low, the plates freeze the water in the tank.In the daytime when the power is more expensive, the cooler is turned off. The stored ice melts into ice water, which can be used to indirectly cool down your products.


Cold storage of agriculture products

Poultry processing industry

Bakery processing industry

Food and dairy processing industry

Seafood processing industry

Meat processing industry

Beverage industry

Concrete cooling

Sewage heat recovery (Sewage source heat pump unit)

Advantages of SPI immersion heat exchanger:

Item SPI Immersion heat exchanger Shell and tube heat exchanger Detachable plate heat exchanger Spiral plate heat exchanger
Operation temperature range <800℃ <800℃ <170℃ <350℃
Maximum pressure <60 bar <200 bar <32 bar <25 bar
Heat exchange coefficient of water [W/m2·℃] 3500 2700 5600 2000
Application of air and water heat exchange Applicable Applicable Not applicable Partial applicable
Immersion in tank or water Applicable Partial applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Welded to tank and reactor Applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Install into existing reaction tower and other equipment Flexible Partial applicable Not applicable Not applicable
All welded structure Applicable Applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Heavy contaminated liquid and other application Applicable Applicable Partial applicable Applicable
Unit area weight Low High Low High
Falling film, condenser and evaporator Applicable Applicable Partial applicable Partial applicable

Laser welding pillow plate:

Heat exchange pillow plate is machined by full automatic laser welding and forming process. Its unique pillow structure makes fluid into optimum turbulence state to achieve high efficient heat exchange. It also boasts various advantages such as dust proof, high temperature and high pressure resistance and easy cleaning, etc.

Pillow plate concept:

Pillow plate is laser welded by two plates all around and in the middle area full of weld flowers. After the forming process, the inner part of the heat exchange plate forms a pillow type cavity. Pillow design creates excellent turbulence and provides self supporting structure. In practical applications, the additional welding path is often added in the pillow heat exchange plate, in order to adjust and control the flow of fluid into and out of the heat exchange plate nozzle position, the fluid velocity and flow rate inside plate, so as to optimize the heat exchange effect.

Pillow plate Advantages:

  1. Excellent turbulence design, high heat exchange coefficient
  2. High welding realiability
  3. Small external surface resistance, not easy to product dirt
  4. High temperature and high pressure resistance
  5. Wide channel, low pressure drop, easy to clean
  6. Flexible shape to maintain optimal heat exchange effect


Water, 3T/H, from 25℃ to 0.5℃

Cooling medium: R404A

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